Tire Pilot Plus™

Improve Profitability by Enhancing Trailer Tire Life, Fuel Efficiency and Uptime

Optional Tire Pilot Plus™ not only controls pressure through inflation, but also maintains equal pressure across all wheels and features high pressure relief for overinflated trailer tires.

The robust design sets it apart from competitive designs with durable components.

Proper Air Pressure is Critical to Trailer Tire Life

Full Contact
Optimizes traction, handling and maximizes tire life.

Outside Contact
Accelerates irregular tread wear, increases rolling resistance, and reduces fuel efficiency by up to 2%.

Center Contact
Only reduces tire life and traction. Tire is susceptible to tread damage and punctures.

Tire Pilot Plus™ automatically equalizes tire air pressure across all wheel ends by automatically increasing low pressure tires and releasing air from overinflated tires.

Introduction to Tire Pilot Plus™

Installation Procedures

Troubleshooting Procedures